How we work

Small, highly experienced teams

In our experience small teams of highly experienced consultants together with the client can create more with less risk, and at a lower total cost than a larger group of less experienced consultants

We strongly believe in co-development: Organizational Capital Partners advisors working along side a team of client executives. In our view this enables our clients to internalize and learn from the work we create together. This learning raises internal capability and improves execution and implementation due to improved accountability and ownership for change

  • Focused projects with clearly defined deliverables

    Projects with a clearly stated goals and outcomes are set up for success. Projects that deliver results and can be clearly measured against goals and milestones Organizational Capital Partner’s lead advisor, with the help of a client's executive sponsor, helps keep projects focused and on-track

    Long-term relationships

    As teams work together longer they become more efficient. As teams work more with one specific client they learn the specifics of that clients’ business and way of working. This creates stronger working relationships with our clients and valuable domain or client knowledge

  • Quality Assurance

    At the end of the day, the most important thing for us is that you as our client are happy with the work we have done for you

    Organizational Capital Partners advisors are all seasoned executives who want to help you create lasting value for your customers, your employees and your shareholders

    We strongly believe that the our success is directly related to return business from our clients who are highly satisfied with the services we provide