Mark van Clieaf

Partner, Americas

Mark Van Clieaf is a founding Partner with Organizational Capital Partners (OCP). He brings over 25 years experience consulting worldwide for Institutional Investors, Boards & Management with a broad background in Management Structure Design and Organization Effectiveness, CEO/Executive Succession Planning & Executive Search, CEO performance scorecard design, Executive Compensation, Pay for Performance, and Corporate Governance all linked to shareholder value and sustainability for societies. He brings over 35 years experience in sales & marketing leadership roles, and consulting experience including a number of years with Price Waterhouse in their Business Strategy and Executive Search Consulting Practices.                                                                                                                                  

His early career was in advertising, graphic design, direct marketing industries. His years of consulting experience covers a broad range of industries from Consumer Marketing, Marketing Services, Financial Services, Retail, Technology, Healthcare, Utilities, Energy, Mining, Telecom, working worldwide. He brings extensive experience with organization design and leadership assessment for Customer Relationship Management and CRM data-mining. Van Clieaf's research and consulting on Work Levels and the 5 Levels of CEO Work & Innovation, 5 Levels of CEO Capability & Systems Thinking and the link to shareholder and societal value are recognized worldwide by Boards, Institutional Investors and the business media. These OCP organizational and leadership insights come from over 600 interviews at Board, Global CEO, Group CEO, Business Unit President and VP&GM levels on the differences in role design to create differential value between these roles, and their requisite leadership competencies by level.

Karel Leeflang

Partner, EMEA

Karel is one of the founding members of Organizational Capital Partners.  This unique strategy consultancy specializes in explicitly linking the design of a company’s organizational capital to innovation and creating sustainable shareholder value. He is responsible for managing our business across Europe, Africa and the Middle East and leads the Global Consumer Industry Practice.  Karel is a Swiss/Dutch national and has lived and worked in a number of different countries on 3 continents.  He has previously worked for a number of global companies including RJR Nabisco, Cadbury Schweppes, Unilever and Barclays Bank. His global accountability provided experience in working across 80+ countries.

During his career he has gained:

  • Extensive M&A experience from an organizational (structure/talent/incentives) perspective both on due diligence and merger integration. 
  • Business strategy and transformation experience including implementing strategic portfolio management at Unilever to return the business back to growth and focus on long-term sustainable growth. 
  • Extensive experience in companies applying rigorous use of economic profit & cash flow with work level design principles as a basis from which to analyze strategy, organization and work design, innovation and growth to drive long-term return on capital and shareholder value. 
  • Global accountability for integrating talent management, performance, learning and rewards and incentives for a number of global companies to support their business strategies. 

 Karel holds a Masters Degree in International Taxation and started his career with Deloitte practicing tax law.

Margaret Soden

Partner, Americas

In 1996 Margaret founded Strus & Associates Inc. to promote high performance in organizations through a focus on the international standards of Excellence. Today, Margaret and her international colleagues are providing leading-edge strategy and performance analytics as the GPS system for Boards and senior leadership teams to align their structure, talent and performance to ensure future growth and sustainability. This total system alignment ensures the attainment of future enterprise value and eliminates current risk to delivering on required shareholder returns.

Marg was formerly a Country Product Manager with Xerox Canada and IBM Canada Branch Manager for the Province of Saskatchewan. She has spoken at many Canadian Conferences on the subjects of high performance organizations and the attainment of Excellence. Her former company was the first small business to receive Canada’s recognition for small business Excellence through Excellence Canada.

Margaret has a BA from Simon Fraser University, will have her Masters in Leadership from Royal Roads University in 2015, and will have attained her Board Director certification from the Institute of Corporate Directors and Rotman’s Business School in June of 2014. She sits on the Board of Kinark, Ontario largest agency focused on children and youth with complex mental health needs. 

Roland Burgman

Partner, Americas & Corporate Finance Practice Leader

He has also been published in the Wall Street Journal, Journal of Business Strategy, International Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Performance Evaluation and Journal of Learning and Intellectual Capital.

Burgman is an adjunct professor at the University of Notre Dame and a faculty member at the Stockholm School of Economics and University of California, Berkeley, executive MBA and customized programs.