Who we are

Organizational Capital Partners is a globally operating strategy consulting firm, with presence in most European and North American major cities. 

Our advisors deliver impact through strategic thinking connected to concrete, actionable plans that enrols and activates employees to implement strategy successfully. Our approach is based on co-development with our client team to transfer the learnings and drive strong accountability and ownership for any changes they chose to make

We help you channel energy and enthusiasm within your organisation, across all levels, to create and manage effective strategy, performance improvement and innovation efforts. These efforts make your organisation less complex and fit for purpose.  They also stimulate collaboration internally and with your customers, and help you better innovate to create great products and the best customer experience

We have developed specific expertise in helping you improve the execution of strategy and deliver competitive advantage 

  • What we stand for

    “Like our clients, we have a deep passion for creating long-term focused and sustainable businesses"

    Organizational Capital Partners advisors have extensive experience across diverse industries including consumer products, retail, financial & professional services, not-for-profit and start-ups 

    We have worked on topics like strategy development, performance improvement, innovation, customer experience, talent, leadership and organisational development

    Our approach provides a strong people focus. We believe that your customers and employees need to make and see the difference. We bring the right issues of conversation to the executive table to encourage and stimulate innovative thinking, focus on the few priorities that matter most and build a culture of learning and engagement

  • Broader impact

    “We focus on long-term value creation for both our clients and the wider community in which we all do business”

    OCP supports its advisors to be involved with start-ups and young businesses

    We provide young businesses with support in creating robust business platforms and expose our advisors to new and emerging thinking and ways of working, innovation and industry disruption

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